How can you get all the web data you need?

Ficstar's powerful search technology collects only the data you need, from anywhere on the Web.

Your own search engine, custom-designed

Do you ever feel frustrated searching for needed information on the Web? The Internet has so much valuable data, but search engines can’t find all the results you need, only skimming the surface web. Enjoy the power of Ficstar’s customized Deep Web scraping solutions that collects only the data you need, from anywhere on the Web.

  • Collect data from e-commerce websites

  • Monitor social media activities

  • Extract contacts from online directories

  • Track new or closed store locations

  • Protect intellectual property and patent rights

  • Gain powerful insight using Big Data web scraping

Gain power of data mining from the Deep Web

A revolution that fundamentally changes how web data is collected, data mining from the Deep Web provides unprecedented power for you to gain insights directly relevant to your business. Powered by fast, accurate web data, “Big Data“, you’ll never have to manually collect or process information again.

We have some Amazing Customers

We’ve empowered many organizations with data otherwise unavailable with traditional web crawling technologies. Become another success story with our powerful data mining solution from the Deep Web.  See More >



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Our customers like us

"We have worked with Ficstar for 3 years, and have appreciated Ficstar’s professionalism and the partner-in-business approach to our relationship. The Ficstar team has worked hard for us, and has been very accommodating to new approaches that we wanted to try out. Ficstar has truly been a reliable, high-quality valued partner for Indigo."

− Craig Hudson, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

""I have enjoyed working with Ficstar for many years. They’re reliable, flexible and able to get jobs done for us. Ficstar provides great customer services and their responses are always quick. I would like to work with them whenever I need to collect data from the web."

− Lucas Edwards,

"I can always count on the Ficstar team for incredibly accurate and prompt results for all of our web scraping needs. We have been using their service for years and they have always provided the perfect combination of top-notch customer services and great work at a competitive price point."

− Michael Cane, Westwood & Wilshire, LLC

" We definitely benefited from the pricing tool we needed in our online world. I believe the Ficstar Team is skilled and expert in providing us with more advanced reporting functionalities currently, and in the future."

− Essam Abdalla, MoneyGram

"I have worked with Ficstar over the past 5 years. They are always very responsive, flexible and can to be trusted to deliver what they promise. Their service offers great value, and their staff are very responsible and present. They work with you to ensure your requirements are correct for your needs up-front. I recommend Ficstar for any project that requires you to pull data and market intelligence from the Internet."

− Andrew Ryan, LexisNexis

"We are very fortunate to have partnered with Ficstar for these past five years to create our unique online travel organization solution. They impressed us with their lightning quick prototyping, and they continue to exceed our expectations by providing us with a customized web aggregation platform, created by a top quality engineering staff, at a reasonable price. They stand behind their product, offering quality support and constantly adapting the solution to meet our changing needs. If you have complex web data aggregation needs, and are looking for a loyal and flexible partner, you can’t go wrong with Ficstar."

− Andres Fabris, Traxo

Gain the power of data mining from the Deep Web.

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